Projects in Detroit

Despite the recent economic recovery in Detroit, there remain systemic challenges rooted in a history of racial discrimination and segregation in this City and many others across the U.S. As Mayor Mike Duggan emphasized in his 2017 Mackinac Policy Conference address, for Detroit to understand where it’s going, it must know where it’s been.

  • Detroit has a poverty rate nearly three times higher than the national average—roughly 40 percent.
  • In Detroit, the child poverty rate is even higher, at nearly 60 percent.
  • Many families who are following the current path our nation has laid out for upward mobility are making no headway, and in too many cases, losing ground with each passing year.*

Poverty Solutions approaches these challenges as a convener, bringing faculty experts from myriad disciplines together with community organizations and policymakers to find and test new solutions to poverty in Detroit.**


* U.S. Census Bureau, 2015 Data
** Sampling of projects in Detroit. Not inclusive of every U-M project in Detroit.