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Alexa Eisenberg

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Alexa Eisenberg

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Alexa Eisenberg is a postdoctoral research fellow with Poverty Solutions. Their research has focused on the injustice of racialized housing policies, financialization, and austerity – especially as these structures manifest through mass tax foreclosures, evictions, speculative bulk-buying, and slum-lording. They have years of experience integrating interview data, administrative property records, and community-based knowledge to understand how the implementation and enforcement of housing policies impacts housing and health justice in Detroit. Their current work seeks to provide evidence, interactive data tools, and public education materials for housing advocates and organizers to resist systematic displacement and make housing a human right.  Eisenberg worked as a graduate student researcher with Poverty Solutions and trained as a public health demographer with the University of Michigan’s Population Studies Center.

PhD in public health, University of Michigan; and master’s degree, University of Miami.


Detroit Partnership on Economic Mobility

The Partnership on Economic Mobility between Poverty Solutions and the City of Detroit is a joint effort to identify and implement concrete, evidence-based strategies that significantly improve economic opportunity and reduce poverty in Detroit.

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