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Child Tax Credit

The Child Tax Credit: What You Need to Know

It's not too late to get your child tax credit! Although the tax deadline was April 18, you can still file your taxes to get your payment.

The expanded Child Tax Credit is worth $3,000 per child ages 6-17 and $3,600 per child under 6. Under the American Rescue Plan of 2021, eligible families received half of their credit last year as monthly payments. This year, families must file their taxes again to receive the second half of their Child Tax Credit. The credit will be sent as one lump sum payment.

If you have children under 18 who live with you more than half of the year, you are likely eligible even if you do not usually file taxes or have low/no earnings.

You Are Eligible If:

  • You are single and your income is under $75,000. Or, if you are single and file taxes as a head of household, your income must be under $112,500.
  • You have a spouse and your combined income is under $150,000.
  • Your child has a Social Security Number. You can file with an ITIN, but your child must have a SSN.
  • If household income is above those thresholds, you will receive slightly smaller payments, depending on income.
  • A dependent child lived with you more than half of 2021. The child can be a relative or eligible foster child.

To Get the Expanded Child Tax Credit

  • File your taxes, even if you don’t file them normally. This will tell the IRS where to send your payment and how many children you take care of. Also, if you don’t file, you might miss out on other tax credits.
  • To self-file or make an appointment for free tax preparation help, visit

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About this page

This resource was created by Poverty Solutions at the University of Michigan to help ensure that all Michiganders can access the child tax credit benefits they are eligible for.