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Program on Equity In Child Health (PECH) at Mott Hospital

This project aims to examine the potential for inequity resulting from variation in the actual care provided by clinicians and hospital personnel to children and their families. Considerable research demonstrates differences by gender, income, race and ethnicity in the way adult patients are provided care across numerous conditions (e.g., heart attacks, treatment for pain, diagnostic testing). However, with very rare exceptions, similar studies have not been conducted with regard to the care of children. This program provides the first critical steps in beginning a process to assess the perceptions of inequities at Mott Hospital. Discussions with nursing, clerical and therapy staff have identified several potential areas where hypothesized inequities in the way families are provided care may exist. Three of these areas were prioritized by the leadership of Mott Hospital for initial assessment. If inequities are found, the Quality Improvement Department at Mott Hospital will design and implement QI programs to address them.

Dr. Gary Freed, Michigan Medicine and School of Public Health