Fall 2018 speaker series lineup


Michele Heisler

Michele Heisler

“Improving Health and Strengthening Communities”

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Luke Shaefer

“$2.00 a Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America”

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Willie Elliott

“Making Education Work for the Poor:
The Potential of Children’s Savings Accounts”

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Nicole Sherard-Freeman

“Detroit: Building the Workforce of the Future”

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Robert Vargas

“Care Amidst Crisis: Medicaid Enrollment in the Era of Obamacare.”

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Eve Ewing

“Ghosts in the Schoolyard: Racism and School Closings on Chicago’s South Side”

Election Panel

Election Debrief: Yesterday’s Election and Poverty

Michael Tanner

“The Inclusive Economy: How to Bring Wealth to America’s Poor”

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Brett Hagler

“3D Printing Communities For The Developing”

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