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Take a closer look at poverty issues and key research findings in these interactive articles.

Investing in Us: Detroiters' Priorities for Economic Mobility in their City

As local leaders continue to grapple with questions about how community investment and neighborhood revitalization should happen, it is important to look to the people who know Detroit best — its residents — and their visions for a safe, healthy, equitable city.


Investing in Us brings together Detroiters’ stories and neighborhood-level improvement plans into a unified city-wide vision of economic well-being in Detroit. The goal of this community-based research project is to help drive policy and philanthropic innovation and complement existing efforts to improve economic mobility from poverty in Detroit.

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Detroit's Eviction Machine

How the foreclosure crisis opened the door for corporate landlords to destabilize neighborhoods.

The mortgage and tax foreclosure crisis of the past decade has reshaped Detroit’s low-income housing markets. The majority of Detroit households are renters now, and they’re becoming increasingly reliant on corporate landlords. A new working paper by University of Michigan-Dearborn Assistant Professor Joshua Akers and Rutgers University Assistant Professor Eric Seymour outlines the housing policies and other factors that allow speculative buyers to contribute to neighborhood instability and blight in Detroit.

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