Research Publications

Our Research Agenda

Poverty Solutions strives to make significant progress, through myriad levels of intervention, in disrupting the cycle of poverty by lowering both the disciplinary barriers within the University of Michigan and between the university and those attempting poverty-alleviation efforts in the real world.

Our research agenda:

  • Focuses on prevention and alleviation of poverty, including fielding and evaluation of large-scale interventions and programs;
  • Embraces and encourages action-oriented collaborations with outside community-based organizations; and
  • Strives to create a research environment that produces a new understanding of poverty prevention and alleviation especially through transdisciplinary efforts.

Our working papers and policy briefs include researchers from different paths of study, and focus on at least one of three core domains:

  • Expanding economic opportunity to reduce poverty;
  • Reducing educational disparities to promote social mobility; and
  • Addressing the health consequences of poverty.

Faculty interested in submitting a policy brief or working paper are invited to contact us