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JJ Prescott

Henry King Ransom Professor of Law, Law School; Professor of Economics (courtesy); Faculty Associate, Population Studies Center, Institute for Social Research; Co-Director, Empirical Legal Studies Center; Co-Director, Program in Law and Economics

JJ Prescott’s research interests revolve around criminal law, sentencing law and reform, employment law, and the dynamics of civil litigation, particularly settlement. He is trained in both law and economics, and much of his research is empirical in focus. Prescott is the principal investigator for the U-M Online Court Project, which uses technology to help people facing warrants, fines, and minor charges resolve their disputes with the government and courts online and without the need of an attorney. Prescott is a member of the working group for Access to Justice and Fairness for the National Task Force on Fines, Fees and Bail Practices, and has a number of ongoing research projects related to access to justice and improving the ability of the justice system to accurately assess litigants’ ability to pay.

Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology; J.D. Harvard University; B.A. Stanford University

Faculty Projects