Poverty Solutions Faculty Director H. Luke Shaefer talks to students during an open house in February 2018.

A central goal of Poverty Solutions at U-M is to equip the next generation of students with the skills they need to prevent and alleviate poverty. We believe student engagement is a critical part of this work and aim to increase the number of students introduced to core content and experiential learning opportunities related to poverty.

Engaging students, in turn, brings new insight, knowledge, and opinions to our work; enhances our interdisciplinary and collaborative approach; lends support and capacity to our projects and activities; and helps to promote campus-wide engagement.

From our course and certificate program to our student advisory board, from the students who work as research assistants with us to the students advocating for low-income people on and beyond our campus, Poverty Solutions seeks to empower and engage students interested in issues of poverty alleviation and economic mobility.