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The Updated Michigan Child Development and Care Subsidy:

What Child Care Providers Need to Know

The Child Development and Care (CDC) Program is a resource that provides payment assistance to help parents pay for child care. Over the past year, the State of Michigan has made a number of changes to the CDC subsidy program so that it can better meet the needs of both parents and child care providers. Below we share what the program–along with recent changes–means for child care providers.

Child Development and Care Subsidy: FAQs for child care Providers

Here are some answers to common questions and concerns

Do I need to get a child care license to get paid by the state for providing child care?

I'd like to get my child care business licensed. How do I do that?

I am ready to provide care to a CDC eligible family. What should I do next?

What are the "stars" I see used to rate child care providers? Does that affect my ability to be paid with the child care subsidy?

How can I find help improving my star rating?

I know some parents who need help paying for child care. Can they get the Child Development and Care subsidy? Where can I find information for them?

What happens if a parent loses the subsidy? Will I lose that source of income?

What if a parent stops bringing their child to my child care center or does not bring their child regularly? Will I lose the money I was planning for them to pay?

Once I have a license, do I need to re-apply to get the subsidy from parents?

How will the state determine how much I am paid for each child I take care of?

Do the children I care for have to be a certain age for the state to pay for child care?

Is the state’s subsidy rate for late night and weekend child care the same as weekday hours?

Will the CDC subsidy money come from the parent(s), or from the state?

If the reimbursement rate is below my normal rate, can I charge the parents for the difference? If I accept a parent with the CDC subsidy, am I locked in to only making that amount?

I have many more questions about the Child Development and Care subsidy. Where can I read more?