Speaker Series

Real World Perspectives on Poverty Solutions introduces the key issues regarding the causes and consequences of poverty through a lecture series featuring experts in policy and practice from across the nation. The course explores interdisciplinary, real-world poverty solutions from a wide variety of perspectives and encourages the formation of a community of learners at U-M committed to engaging these issues together.

This lecture series course features different guest speakers each week. Speakers are national and global experts drawn from university, business and community contexts who explore interdisciplinary real-world poverty solutions from a wide variety of perspectives. Lectures will be recorded and made available online to engage the community regarding strategies and programs for poverty prevention and alleviation. Lectures are free and open to the public.

Fall 2018 Lineup:

Michele Heisler

Michele Heisler

September 19th
Room 2427 (Mason Hall)
“Improving Health and Strengthening Communities”

Watch a video of Michele Heisler’s talk

Luke Shaefer

September 26th
Room 2427 (Mason Hall)
“$2.00 a Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America”

Watch a video of Luke Shaefer’s talk

Willie Elliott

October 3rd
Room 2427 (Mason Hall)
“Making Education Work for the Poor:
The Potential of Children’s Savings Accounts”

Watch a video of Willie Elliott’s talk

Nicole Sherard-Freeman

October 10th
Room 2427 (Mason Hall)
“Detroit: Building the Workforce of the Future”

Watch a video of Nicole Sherard-Freeman’s talk

Robert Vargas

October 17th
ECC (room 1840) SSW
“Care Amidst Crisis: Medicaid Enrollment in the Era of Obamacare.”

Watch a video of Robert Vargas’s talk

Eve Ewing

October 24th
ECC (room 1840) SSW
“Ghosts in the Schoolyard: Racism and School Closings on Chicago’s South Side”

Election Panel

November 7th
Room 2427 (Mason Hall)
Election Debrief:¬†Yesterday’s Election and Poverty

Michael Tanner

November 14th
Room 2427 (Mason Hall)
“The Inclusive Economy: How to Bring Wealth to America’s Poor”

Watch a video of Michael Tanner’s talk

Brett Hagler

November 28th
Room 2427 (Mason Hall)
“3D Printing Communities For The Developing”

Watch a video of Brett Hagler’s talk