Summer Youth Employment Program

For young people today, the job market is more competitive and challenging now than in previous generations. Employers have high expectations and an increasing demand for more education and skills. As a result, young people — especially those lacking access to quality education and reliable job training — find it hard to gain access to jobs, let alone thrive in the workforce.

Large disparities in education and economic outcomes persist for youth from different parts of the nation, and the same is true for some of the University of Michigan’s surrounding areas in Washtenaw County. Summer jobs programs for at-risk-youth can close these gaps. Such programs can provide income for youth and their families, provide structured summer activities, improve later academic performance and reduce criminal activity.

Recruitment for employer and youth participation in Summer18 is open now. Click on your affiliation to learn more.

For U-M hiring supervisors, faculty and staff, learn more and submit a position.

Washtenaw County employers outside of U-M are also strongly encouraged to participate; learn more and apply here.


About the Research

'Recent research is encouraging, but more and better evidence of what works is necessary to ensure quality.' - Brookings Institution report, 'Youth Summer Jobs Programs: Aligning Ends and Means.' July 2016.The Summer Youth Employment Program is both an opportunity to provide jobs, and also to test what works and what doesn’t work with youth employment programs like this. U-M’s program aims to push the boundaries on existing best practices and to build a very rigorous evaluation structure to research the effectiveness. This program is one of the first of its kind to be conducted by a major university, and is unique because it will measure the impact and use research to determine best practices.

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About Summer17

Partners: UM: Poverty Solutions, Ginsberg Center, Human Resources and Youth Policy Lab; Michigan Works! Southeast; Washtenaw County Office of Community and Economic Development. Duration: 20 hours per week; 9 weeks. Participants: 41 youth, ages 16-24 at UM, 77 total employed across the county; Nearly 40 employers across academic and medical campuses.

In 2017, the University of Michigan piloted an on-campus Summer Youth Employment Program, in partnership with Washtenaw County’s Summer17 employment program, to pair youth with faculty and staff to help them gain work experience, mentorship, and life skills training. Thirty-nine youth were placed in a variety of jobs across the scope of the U-M enterprise. The program will continue this summer, under Washtenaw County’s Summer18 program.

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