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Alexis Handal

Associate Professor, Epidemiology; Associate Professor, Global Public Health

Alexis Handal’s research expertise is in occupational and environmental epidemiology, reproductive epidemiology, social epidemiology, and global health, and in particular, she works with Latinx and Indigenous populations in Latin America and in the United States. Handal studies the impact of large-scale agricultural production on the health of workers and surrounding communities, with a particular focus on the health of female workers and pregnant workers and their families. Her community-engaged and participatory research approach uses a health equity lens focusing on understanding the interconnection between chemical exposures, and social and work stressors and supports in the context of precarious employment, on worker health and on maternal and child health and development. Handal’s research interests also include exploring the health impact of worker’s rights for pregnant employees, including an examination of worker protection legislation and gender discrimination on maternal and child health. Handal appreciates and promotes the use of community-based participatory research and mixed methods approaches in epidemiologic research.

PhD, MPH, University of Michigan; BA, University of Colorado-Boulder.

Key Issues