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Poverty Solutions hosts a diverse array of timely, purposeful events that engage community, students, and policy leaders on issues related to economic mobility, equity, and poverty, including our signature fall speaker series.

Featured Series

Speaker Series

Real World Perspectives on Poverty Solutions introduces the key issues regarding the causes and consequences of poverty through a lecture series featuring experts in policy and practice from across the nation. The series explores interdisciplinary, real-world poverty solutions from a wide variety of perspectives and encourages the formation of a broad community of learners to engage in these issues together.


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COVID-19 Reflections: A Series on Race, Health & Economic Justice

This virtual event series brings together a diverse group of changemakers, including national and local policymakers, journalists, researchers, and community leaders, to (1) meditate on the past and current racial dynamics of COVID-19 in Michigan and Detroit, and to (2) discuss the policies, programs, and practices that have successfully responded to the needs of communities of color disproportionately impacted by the pandemic.

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The Poverty Narrative

This series of discussions explores the ways academics and journalists can promote more in-depth, impactful, and solutions-oriented coverage of poverty-related issues. The first series explored why it’s so important to get the poverty narrative right — from exploring new storytelling strategies to translating complex research for deeper public engagement. The second was dedicated to a deeper understanding of the connections between structural racism and poverty in the U.S.

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