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Speaker Series 2019

Bridgette Brawner | Health and Poverty: The Toll of Living with Less

Bridgette Brawner is an associate professor of nursing at the University of Pennsylvania who studies how social and structural conditions in urban areas affect health.

Co-sponsored by the School of Nursing

Faith Fowler | The Road to Hell: Why Serving the Poor Does Not Eliminate Poverty

The Rev. Faith Fowler will share more about channeling our human and financial resources into programs that aim to eliminate poverty versus those that simply service people living in poverty.

Co-sponsored by Michigan Law

Dorian Warren | The Hidden Rules of Race: Barriers to an Inclusive Economy

Dorian T. Warren is the president of Community Change, co-chair of the Economic Security Project and co-host of System Check. A progressive scholar, organizer, and media personality, Dorian has worked to advance racial, economic, and social justice for over two decades.

Co-sponsored by The National Center for Institutional Diversity


Greg Landsman | Beyond School: Where to Focus Collective Impact to Support Children in Poverty

Greg Landsman is a city council member in Cincinnati, CEO of the 767 Group, and he previously spearheaded efforts to create the Cincinnati Preschool Promise.

Co-sponsored by Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy

Dean Kamen | From the Segway to Medical Devices: Inventing People-Centered Solutions

Dean Kamen is an American entrepreneur and inventor who is most famous for his inventions the ‘Segway PT’ and the ‘iBOT’. A prolific innovator, Kamen has also invented and manufactured technologies that help to address some of the world’s toughest challenges, such as access to safe drinking water.

Co-Sponsored by Michigan Engineering