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Bridgette Carr

Clinical Professor of Law, Director Human Trafficking Clinic

Bridgette Carr has dedicated her career to advocating for the rights of human trafficking victims and advancing comprehensive domestic and international anti-trafficking policies. Her work focuses on driving paradigm shifts in the way human trafficking victimization is perceived and addressed, and helping reintegrate victims by developing legal solutions that address the complex issues of coercion and victimization around compelled service and its aftermath.

Upon being introduced to the principles of Positive Organizational Scholarship several years ago, Bridgette recognized many of these strategies as the same ones used by human traffickers to de-humanize their victims. Having already understood work’s power to harm, she came to the profound realization that work can also heal. This inspired Bridgette to explore if employment at positive organizations is a key to helping trafficking survivors flourish and thrive both personally and professionally.

She is the founding director of the University of Michigan Law School’s Human Trafficking Clinic.

J.D. University of Michigan Law School.

Faculty Projects

  • Positive Organizational Work Experiences as an Antidote to Poverty and Exploitation The project: Work can be a vehicle for dehumanization of workers — think human trafficking, or even legitimate opportunities that use workers as commodities. Moreover, in vulnerable populations in particular, the realities of housing, transportation, or childcare may serve as critical barriers to employment. This project aimed to to study how positive organizations instill work with […]