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Improving Coordination to Reduce Service Gaps and Increase Efficacy in Child and Family Homelessness Policy and Programming

The national system for preventing and addressing homelessness, known as the Continuum of Care (CoC), is not well understood and the capacity of these systems to successfully address homelessness has never been evaluated. To prevent and reduce increasing rates of child and family homelessness, we must understand:

  • How are homeless services governed and funded across the Continuums of Care?
  • What is the capacity of CoCs to prevent child and family homelessness?
  • What governing arrangements are associated with best practices for reducing child and family homelessness?

To answer these questions, this project will develop and field a survey of all 402 federal Continuums of Care to better understand the governance and funding structures of the CoCs, to identify CoCs facing gaps in service capacity, and to identify exemplary models of service delivery that can be used to improve systems in limited-capacity regions. The researchers aim to develop guidelines and disseminate recommendations for CoC leadership and policy stakeholders to strengthen CoC capacity.

Julia Wolfson, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Charley Willison, Harvard University Department of Health Care Policy
Scott L. Greer, U-M School of Public Health