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Potential health gains from income and wealth tax proposals in the U.S.

Presidential candidates in the 2020 election have made income inequality a major issue. While many candidates have introduced comprehensive tax policies, there has been little research done to understand the impact of income gains from various tax policy proposals on long-term health outcomes. This study is designed to collate evidence around the link between income and health and examine the implications for current proposals to redistribute income and wealth. 

Researchers will conduct a systematic literature review to gather and analyze existing research on health gains associated with previous income and wealth tax policies on the U.S. population. Then, they will apply these findings in decision analytic models to determine the potential life expectancy effects of different income and wealth tax scenarios, including the presidential candidates’ policy proposals. Policymakers can use this review to inform the development of future policy proposals aimed at income and wealth redistribution.

Daniel Eisenberg, U-M School of Public Health
David W. Hutton, U-M School of Public Health
Anton L.V. Avanceña, doctoral candidate, U-M School of Public Health
Bradley Iott, doctoral candidate, U-M School of Public Health
Ellen Kim DeLuca, doctoral candidate, U-M School of Public Health