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Youth Voice in Poverty Solutions

Young people should participate in institutions and decisions that affect their lives, but youth are not usually involved when adults make anti-poverty policy decisions. The purpose of the project is to amplify the voices of young people in community-based strategies against poverty. Groups affiliated with the Summer Youth Dialogues on Race and Ethnicity in Metropolitan Detroit Program and Urban Neighborhood Initiatives will work together to design a research project on educational inequalities and formulate strategies to address those inequalities. 

The intergenerational research team made up of youth and adult allies will decide what they want to learn, formulate the research questions they will ask, and identify sources of information. They will gather and analyze information to answer their research questions, draw conclusions, and make recommendations for action. The research team will prepare and disseminate a report, and youth will develop public speaking and storytelling skills to communicate what they’ve learned with people in metro Detroit as well as through the Youth Civil Rights Academy’s online platform

Katie Richards-Schuster, U-M School of Social Work
Barry Checkoway, U-M School of Social Work