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David Hutton

Associate Professor, Health Management and Policy, Global Public Health, Industrial and Operations Engineering

David Hutton as an associate professor of health management and policy as well as global public health at U-M’s School of Public Health and an associate professor of industrial and operations engineering at U-M’s College of Engineering.

Hutton holds a PhD from Stanford’s Department of Management Science and Engineering with a focus on health policy modeling. Prior to joining Stanford’s PhD program, he worked for a consulting company that focused on mathematical modeling and for several silicon valley software companies. Hutton’s current research is focused on health policy and medical decision making, in particular the use of mathematical models to assist with the allocation of resources for health. His research and influence on national and international hepatitis B policy earned him the first place prize in the “Doing Good with Good OR student paper competition” from the Institute for Operations Research and Management Science.  He has served as a consultant, advisor, and/or collaborator with the World Health Organization, the US Department of Health and Human Services, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

PhD Stanford University; MS Stanford University;  BS Stanford University; BA Stanford University.

Key Issues

Faculty Projects

  • Potential health gains from income and wealth tax proposals in the U.S. The project: Presidential candidates in the 2020 election have made income inequality a major issue. While many candidates have introduced comprehensive tax policies, there has been little research done to understand the impact of income gains from various tax policy proposals on long-term health outcomes. This study is designed to collate evidence around the link […]