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  • EdSource | Apr. 3, 2024 | Featuring Poverty Solutions

    Only 1 in 6 homeless infants and toddlers enrolled in early childhood programs in California, study finds

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  • The Alpena News | Mar. 30, 2024 | Featuring Amanda Nothaft

    Childhood poverty highest in Northeast Michigan, study finds

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  • Map of MI by region

    Ludington Daily News | Mar. 26, 2024 | Featuring Amanda Nothaft

    Data analysis links educational deficits to Lake County’s poverty challenges

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  • WDET | Mar. 25, 2024 | Featuring Luke Shaefer

    Created Equal: What rural areas and urban cities have in common

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  • NPR's All Things Considered | Mar. 12, 2024 | Featuring Luke Shaefer

    Every new mom in this U.S. city is now getting cash aid for a year

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  • MLive / The Ann Arbor News | Mar. 7, 2024 | Featuring Kristin Seefeldt

    New data gives snapshot of who Ann Arbor’s guaranteed-income program is helping

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  • Urban Institute's Evidence in Action podcast | Mar. 6, 2024 | Featuring Luke Shaefer

    Exploring the Legacy of Persistent Poverty in America

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  • MLive / The Ann Arbor News | Feb. 16, 2024 | Featuring Poverty Solutions

    Police 4 times more likely to request criminal charges for Black people in Washtenaw County

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  • Baby in onesie with Rx Kids heart logo on it

    HuffPost | Feb. 16, 2024 | Featuring Luke Shaefer

    Why One City’s War On Child Poverty Should Matter To Voters In November

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  • Flint Rx Kids - A prescription for Health, Hope, and Opportunity

    The Atlantic | Feb. 14, 2024 | Featuring Luke Shaefer

    The Case for Spending Way More on Babies

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